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My name is Rich Griese.

I enjoy music, books, podcasts, and movies. Since the late 80s I've had an interest in the history and social study (not the supernaturalism) of Christianity. I've also returned to an interest in happiness & peace of mind, which I was first drawn to in college. I try to post links to interesting stuff each day. Enjoy life... eat out more often!


5/26 Friday

Film; Adaptation (2002)

Music is life! Step It Up by Stereo MCs

Raspberry Pi is merging with a coding foundation

Final BlackBerry, Qualcomm settlement reaches $940 million

T-Mobile DIGITS brings multi-number, multi-device joy on May 31

Twilio Functions lets developers build communications apps without having to worry about servers

Nintendo shares hit 8-year high as cult title Monster Hunter is announced for Switch

Andy Rubin’s mysterious new Android phone will do something your iPhone can’t


5/25 Thursday

Music is life! I love Lady Gaga… she’s got a Poker Face

Film; The Conversation (1974)

Microsoft rebrands Twitch competitor and adds mobile live streaming

Acer Teases New Nitro 5 and Spin 1 Laptops, Iconia Tablets

Sears’ first quarter profit isn’t what it seems


5/24 Wednesday

Music is life! Comatose by PM Dawn

The FCC’s case against net neutrality rests on a deliberate misrepresentation of how the internet works

Google to begin using credit and debit card transaction data to show that online ads prompt consumers to buy in physical stores, details privacy-preserving tech

Apple launches new Swift app development curriculum for free on iBooks, offered at six community colleges this fall

DJI’s tiny new Spark drone is $499, and kind of a big deal

Hackers are hiding malware in subtitle files


5/23 Tuesday

Music is Life! Opera Singer by Cake

The Bible Geek Podcast 17-018

Waking Up Podcast with Sam Harris #77 — The Moral Complexity of Genetics. If there is one podcast, not episode, but podcast series I would recommend for everyone, once they hit high school age to subscribe to, it would be Sam’s Waking Up Podcast. He consistently gets intelligent people to come on his podcast, and they talk about serious topics.

The History of Byzantium Podcast - Episode 139 – All In A Day’s Work

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro has 13.5 hours of battery life and LTE option

Apple and Nokia Settle Patent Dispute With New Licensing Agreement

PayPal Beats Up on Sad Sack Pandora Over New Logo

AWS signs Java ‘father’ James Gosling

Dubai to introduce fleet of robots with face scanning-tech to its police force May 24; citizens can ask them questions, report crimes, and pay fines

In response to leak of its content moderation guidelines, Facebook tries to explain “how and where we draw the line”

Huawei’s new MateBook X is another spin on a modern MacBook Air


5/22 Monday

Music is Life! Down Here On The Ground by George Benson.

Ancient Greece Declassified Podcast - The World’s Oldest Computer w/ Xenophon Moussas

History in the Bible Podcast - 1.57 Modern Debates - End of an Era

Film; The Paper Chase (1973)

Patreon doubles in a year to 1M paying patrons and 50K creators

How Facebook conducted research, commissioned by an advertiser, on minors’ emotional states, which was then shared in a presentation to potential advertisers

Facebook’s content moderation rules dubbed “alarming” by child safety charity

Why did Luke trace Jesus’ genealogy through David’s son Nathan and not Solomon?

Part 2: Why Luke traced Jesus through Nathan rather than Solomon


5/21 Sunday

Music is Life! The Heart Of Rock & Roll by Huey Lewis And The News

NT/History Blog: Does Cognitive Surplus Breed Journalistic Scholarship?

‘Safe and predictable’ Windows 10 S won’t run Linux, says Microsoft

Bitcoin just surged past $2,000 for the first time

ARM to provide chips for brain injury implants

UK Conservative Party election manifesto proposes stringent new regulations that would impact internet companies like Google and Facebook

The Android app beta on Chrome OS will last at least through the summer

Google in, Google out


5/20 Saturday

Music is life! The Beginning by Seal

Film The Vessel (2016)

Started; The Last Man by Mary Shelley, published 1826

Almost all WannaCry victims were running Windows 7

Americans no longer have to register non-commercial drones with the FAA

How does Google Assistant stack up against Siri on an iPhone?


5/19 Friday

Music is life! Kiss of Life by Sade

Telegram now lets users buy things from chatbots in its messaging app

Facebook Messenger debuts a new look focused on improving navigation

Why Amazon is eating the world

Uber launches Uber Freight, its app for long-haul trucking jobs

Google announces Payment API, Assistant payments, targeted Android Pay loyalty offers & more

Google Is Adding A Shared Rooms Feature To YouTube VR

Medium now offers audio versions of its stories for members

Uber Threatens to Fire Star Engineer in Legal Battle Over Driverless Cars

They Could Buy, but Why? Meet the High-Renters


5/18 Thursday

The Bible Geek Podcast 17-016

Music is life! Keep Talking, by Pink Floyd

The History of Egypt Podcast episode 76 - 54 Years of Splendour

Paytm raises $1.4 billion from SoftBank

EU fines Facebook 110 million euros over WhatsApp deal

Twitter lets you see which advertisers are targeting you, opt out from individual interest categories, will remove support for Do Not Track on June 18

Facebook says it’s now limiting News Feed distribution of posts that withhold or exaggerate information at the individual post level, to combat clickbait

Square Will Replace Meters in Washington Taxis

Google Assistant Now Supports New LG Appliances, Many Others

Apple Is Now Assembling a Low-Cost iPhone in Southern India

Would you trust Google Photos AI to tell you who to share images with?

U.S. and E.U. Confer on Possible Laptop Ban on Trans-Atlantic Flights

Alibaba Slips as Buyback Fails to Offset Earnings Miss

How T. rex’s powerful bite crushed dino bones to a pulp

Motivations of a “Mythicist”

“You Must Learn How to Listen to the Land”


5/17 Wednesday

Music is life! Ronny Jordan - Summer Smile RIP Ronny

Mythology Translated Podcast #69 – Theseus Knows Some Interesting People

Apple launches a new website for its expanded set of educational classes, now open for sign-ups

Facebook admits its 10th measurement mistake since September

In encryption push, Senate staff can now use Signal for secure messaging

Review shows Facebook’s anti-fake news initiatives as ineffective, with many articles disputed by fact-checkers being labeled “disputed” too late or not at all

Apple could release MacBook updates soon


5/15 Tuesday

Google to Push AI Smarts to iPhone, New Photo Books Service

Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership. This building reminds me of a castle. All you gotta do when total anarchy breaks out is use armed drones to prevent someone from getting too close. Did Steve Jobs see the future more than we even think?

Google received 1.6 million NHS patients’ data on an ‘inappropriate legal basis’

Facebook cracks down on fake live videos

The Pentagon’s New Algorithmic Warfare Cell Gets Its First Mission: Hunt ISIS

Facebook’s ParlAI is where researchers will push the boundaries of conversational AI

Instagram launches selfie filters, copying the last big Snapchat feature

We can’t stop cyberattacks like the one last week, but we can limit the damage.


5/15 Monday

Music is life! Dance on a Volcano by Genesis. Let the dance begin!

Ever want to move forward of backwards in a YouTube playlist with keyboard shortcuts? Try shift+n (next) and shift+p (previous). Works for me in Chrome.

Music/poetry; Guru, Sights in the City - See the lyrics.

U.S. judge grants partial injunction against Uber in Waymo car case

Injunction blocks Uber’s Anthony Levandowski from working on Lidar in Waymo suit

Gizmodo went phishing with the Trump team—will they catch a charge?

Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars

Sam Altman for governor?

Amazon’s New Echo Show Device Will Be Watching


5/14 Sunday

Song; The Cisco kid, apparently… he was a friend of mine. Classic song by War.

Waking Up with Sam Harris: #75 — Ask Me Anything 7

Finished – Jesus: Neither God Nor Man - The Case for a Mythical Jesus (2005), by Earl Doherty. This is a fantastic book, but not for the beginning student of Christianity. For an introduction to the issues covered in this book see The Jesus Puzzle webpage.

In Snap Inc.’s Tumble, Start-Ups See a Warning From Wall Street

Cable lobby conducts survey, finds that Americans want net neutrality

Apple acquires AI company Lattice Data, a specialist in unstructured ‘dark data’, for $200M

How Google Took Over the Classroom

Naspers invests €387M in European food delivery business Delivery Hero


5/13 Saturday

Song; The Crystal Method - High roller. “We see the earth…”

The History of Byzantium - Episode 138 – Abhorring the Palace

MP3 Free At Last

Google revises app review process following phishing attacks

Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries

Microsoft issues ‘highly unusual’ Windows XP patch to prevent massive ransomware attack

Should Google make OEMs use stock Android instead of letting them skin the OS? [Poll]

How one obscure court case could decide the future of internet business


5/12 Friday

Movie; ‎A Simple Plan (1998) directed by Sam Raimi

Song; Kool & The Gang - Funky Stuff

NHS cyber-attack: hospital computer systems held to ransom across England Many hospitals having to divert emergency patients, with doctors reporting messages demanding money

China’s tech money heads for Israel as U.S. welcome wanes

Study uses Apple Watch heart rate sensor to detect serious heart condition with 97% accuracy

HP laptops covertly log user keystrokes, researchers warn

Waymo vs. Uber: The Tech Trial of the Century

If you suck at taking photos with your iPhone, Apple has tips for you