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10/23 Monday

I wanna take you higher! - Sly & the Family Stone

People that are spiritual but not religious in the USA grows to 27%. Up from 19% in 2011.

56% of people in the USA say you don’t need to believe in God to be good. Up from 49% in 2011.

Theme From S.W.A.T. - Rhythm Heritage - just one of the great TV themes during the disco/funk era.

Death for Dinner: The Battle of Auberoche and French Tactical Ignorance

Europe on the Brink of the Black Death: The Plague Begins

10 Incredible Roman Military Innovations You Should Know About

Roger Waters - What God Wants, Pt. I

🎙 The History of England Podcast - 230 The Execution of Anne Boleyn

🎙 Mythology Translated Podcast - 077 – Girls Have Cooties

🎙 The History of Witchcraft Podcast - 018 - Halloween - From Pagan, to Christian, to Party

George Michael - Hard Day

Essential Phone gets a $200 price drop, existing customers get credit

‘Pay With Google’ makes shopping on Android less of a hassle

Google says 64% of Chrome traffic on Android now protected with HTTPS, 75% on Mac, 66% on Windows

Ageism in the Tech Industry

T-Mobile gains more ground as Sprint merger nears

Google will reportedly share some revenue with news publishers


10/22 Sunday

Bettany Hughes on how the ‘snowflake generation’ may have cracked the work-life balance, recommended by Norman Gibney

The Battle That Created Germany

You know a great opportunity for churches? They should stay open after Mass/Service on Sundays and open their parish halls up to the public to watch the Sunday football games. It would be a great opportunity to promote people getting together and build lasting relationships. They could even add an ecumenical element, and add screens at the non-football end that had cameras & screens connected with other parish halls via the web so that folks at one location could talk with folks at other locations. Many church parish halls also have attached kitchens. You could have some folks make snacks & meals that could be served during the event. People from all over town could come together to watch sports, eat food & talk.

This would work at local grammar school gyms as well as church parish halls. In the gym setting, instead of making food in the attached kitchens, you might set up a town restaurant delivery system. So that local restaurants could cater the locations.

A friend of mine, who I told about this idea called it “church as man-cave”. I then had to tell him that there is an alternate Christian tradition, that Jesus was born, not in a manger, but a cave. And if you combine that with some thinking that Jesus was the “Son of Man” (from the book of Daniel), it made me wonder if a church named “The Son of Man-Cave”, would be a winner.

Movie; Salem’s Lot (1979) directed by Tobe Hooper - it’s October and that means, it’s time for scarey movie marathon nights.

Sunday School Dropouts Podcast - Titus

9.7 Million-Year-Old Human Teeth Fossil Could ‘Rewrite Human History’


10/21 Saturday

♬ We see the earth… We see the earth… We see the earth… The Crystal Method’s High Roller. Turn up your amp so that when then drums come in your head explodes!

Techno (Old School) - Crystal Method

Viking Identity & Christianity – The Performed Violence of Olaf Tryggvason, recommended by Matt Firth

How did the Etruscans shape Roman history and society?, recommended by Lila Tzvetkov

Saxon Shore Forts of Britannia, recommended by Lila Tzvetkov

Crystal Method - Name of the game. Calling all freaks!

Roman sarcophagus found in Southwark, recommended by Luke Higgins

Don’t Mess with the Sacred Chickens, recommended by Nick Barksdale

Athelstan, recommended by Peter Graham

C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) ft. Freedom Williams

The Unfortunate Wives of Philip II of France, recommended by Sharon Bennett Connolly

Elfshot, medicine, and changing belief systems, recommended by Matt Firth

The Centurion in the Roman Legion, recommended by Nick Barksdale

Massive attack - Blue Lines

Movie; Blade Runner 2049 (2017) directed by Denis Villeneuve

As Facebook Grapples With Election Crisis, Its Employees Try To Come To Terms

Flexible car ownership startup Fair nabs up to $1B in debt and equity funding from BMW and Penske

Why Do We Think That? (That = Christian Mobs Destroyed the Library of Alexandria)


10/20 Friday

Bob Marley - Exodus

The Who - Baba O’Riley, Thursday night football was lovin’ this song last night.

Literature & History Podcast Episode 044 Homo Sum

The History of Witchcraft podcast #017 - Poisoners, Soul-Drawers, and Mathematicians

Movie; Flatliners (1990) directed by Joel Schumacher - I think the original is much much better than that 2017 remake.

Movie; Flatliners (2017) directed by Niels Arden Oplev

Kenneth Harl: Orientation and Introduction to the Ancient World, recommended by Nick Barksdale (as you’ll see, Nick is on a role today)

Eric Cline: 1177 B.C The Collapse of Cities and Civilizations at the End of the Late Bronze Age, recommended by Nick Barksdale

How to deal with a mentally ill bishop, recommended by Matt Firth

The Sarmatians, recommended by Peter Graham

Senior Officers in the Late Roman Empire, recommended by Nick Barksdale

First Iconoclast Controversy, 726-787 CE, recommended by Nick Barksdale

You can now PayPal friends in Messenger and get help via chat

Coda is a next-generation spreadsheet designed to make Excel a thing of the past

Twitter unveils safety roadmap


10/19 Thursday

George Benson - Nature Boy

The Seductive Dead-End of Stoicism, recommended by Daniel Donche Jr.

Ragnarök: Classic Norse Myth of the End of the World, recommended by Jon Eric Johnson

Google, Citi And Goldman Sachs Among Blockchain’s Biggest Investors

How Many People Watch Netflix? Nielsen Tries to Solve a Mystery

Facebook is now testing paywalls and subscriptions for Instant Articles


10/18 Wednesday

Calling Elvis - Dire Straits. This entire album, On Every Street, is fantastic. Good solid drum sounds too.

Professor Dale Martin of Yale University, Lecture 10, Acts of the Apostles. Watch the video, and then come to webulite.com tonight @7.30pm to discuss it, or other stuff you find on the Christianity page.

The History of Egypt Podcast - Episode 84b: Into the Tomb

The History of England Podcast - 229a The Progress of the Tudor Court by Natalie Grueninger

History of Greece Podcast - #3 Human Evolution in 10 Minutes

Justinian’s Plague (541-542 CE), recomended by Barb Kurr Joyce

Stoicism, Platonism, and the Jewishness of Early Christianity, recommended by Chuck Chakrapani

Here Are Twitter’s Latest Rules for Fighting Hate and Abuse

Alexa adds support for custom lists

WhatsApp update lets friends track your location in real time

Facebook’s Building 8 head, Regina Dugan, is leaving the company


10/17 Tuesday

Young Disciples - Freedom Suite (part 1) Freedom

The Waking Up Podcast #101 Defending the Republic - In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Cass Sunstein about the polarization and fragmentation of American society, “choice architecture,” the importance of face-to-face interactions for problem solving, group polarization and identity politics, virtuous extremism, the wisdom of crowds, direct democracy, the limits of free speech, the process of Presidential impeachment, and other topics.

The Bible Geek Podcast 17-047

Falling through the KRACKs

Facebook acquires anonymous teen compliment app tbh, will let it run

PayPal rolls out Venmo payments to its U.S. retailers


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