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11/21 Tuesday

♬ With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve been in a particularly thankful mood late. After coming home from a thanksgiving mixer last night I found mice elf singing Sly & The Family Stone’s, Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) while I was walking up the stairs to my studio.

🎙 Ancient Greece Declassified Podcast - #14 Did Aristotle Hold Science Back 2000 Years?

Tencent becomes the first Chinese tech firm valued over $500B

State Bank of India, the country’s largest lender, says it will roll out blockchain-enabled smart contracts in beta by next month

Uber adds live location sharing of riders for drivers, expands Beacon program to NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago, and adds in-app Uber credit gifting

Android devices seen covertly sending location data to Google

Skype Vanishes From App Stores in China, Including Apple’s


11/20 Monday

🎙 The Bible Geek Podcast 17-051

🎙 The Waking Up Podcast - #105 Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Matt Dillahunty - The following conversation between Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Matt Dillahunty was recorded at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver on November 2, 2017.

The Washington Post Is A Software Company Now

Bloomberg expects eight figures for new Twitter network


11/19 Sunday

George Michael - Hard Day

Warfare and Military Affairs in the Letters of Cassiodorus

Warfare in Eleventh-Century Spain (Al-Andalus), according to The Tibyan

🎙 Hebrews – Sunday School Dropouts Podcast

🎙 231a English Music and the Reformation by Heather Teysko – The History of England Podcast

How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online


11/18 Saturday

📺 The Theodosian Walls

Defense Department Spied On Social Media, Left All Its Collected Data Exposed To Anyone

Criteo founder raises $19 million for ride-sharing app Less

Apple VP of diversity and inclusion Denise Young Smith is leaving


11/17 Friday

Greyboy - Texas Twister

Book; The Fall of Constantinople (1453), by Steven Runciman - YouTube Audio Reading

Peter Gabriel - Steam

Google Maps gets a new look

Facebook launches Creator app for influencers to build video communities

Sorry, poor people: The FCC is coming after your broadband plans

Google’s chatbot analytics platform Chatbase launches to public

Apple’s new ad shows how iPads are going to replace laptops


11/16 Thursday

James Taylor - Secret o’ Life

🎙 Literature & History Podcast - Episode 45 The Uncuttables - Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things and Epicurean Philosophy

🎙 Tides of History Podcast #10 - Experiencing the Rise of Capitalism and the Early Modern Economic Explosion

🎙 The History of Witchcraft podcast 320 - Witchcraft in Tudor England Revisited

Cake - Opera Singer

Inside the First Church of Artificial Intelligence

Facebook, Google and others join The Trust Project, an effort to increase transparency around online news – Makes me recommend the book Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, by Neil Postman


11/15 Wednesday

📺 Lecture 14 - Paul as Missionary by Professor Dale Martin of Yale University, from my Christianity page where you can find the entire lecture series & more.

Cnut the Great, the Conquest of England, and the Puzzle of London

📺 Thucydides on Strategy - YouTube (2 parts)

📺 Warring states Japan (6 video playlist)

📺 God Wills It! Understanding The Crusades (14 Lectures)

🎙 Waking Up Podcast #104 — The Lessons of Death - In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Frank Ostaseski about death and dying—and about how the awareness of death can improve our lives in each moment.

USITC says launches probe of allegations of patent infringement by Apple

All Major Browsers Now Support WebAssembly

Proposed Senate tax plan won’t impede incumbent companies but would severely handicap startups moving forward, which may explain lack of pushback from big firms

YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to sell concert tickets on artists’ video pages


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