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My name is Rich Griese.

I like music, books, podcasts, movies, life, the universe, and everything.


Stuff I found interesting last week


Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years (2011) by Diarmaid MacCulloch


Cherry Coke Zero podcast - I actually quite like nipples. - The Young Pope episode #8

Rationally Speaking #178 - Tim Urban on “Trying to live well, as semi-rational animals”

Episode 36: War and Peace and Sex - Literature & History podcast - Doug Metzger

Waking Up - Sam Harris, Ask Me Anything #6


Teen Suicide Attempts Down in States with Same-Sex Marriages

Zuckerberg’s manifesto is a sign Facebook’s power should be checked

Amazon plans to sell beer and wine at its new high-tech convenience store

RCS, Google’s answer to iMessage, expands to 27 more carriers and OEMs

FCC prepares to pull broadband privacy rules adopted last year

Amazon cites First Amendment protection for Alexa in Arkansas murder case

Alphabet Has a New Tool to Weed Out ‘Toxic’ Online Comments

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says the company has hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to probe allegations of sexism

Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber — Susan J. Fowler

Google and Microsoft agree crackdown on illegal downloads

Why does Augustine urge correctors to consult Greek texts … if necessary? – Peter Lorenz’s Blog

The Discourse Encouragement Fund

NT/History Blog: “Narratives” vs “Stories”

Snapchat roadshow in New York with investors

A Bedtime Bible Story

Neil deGrasse Tyson suggests naming newly-discovered planets after ‘Seven Dwarfs’

The Dates of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Bible’s Priests and Prophets – With Touches of Greek

Pope suggests ‘better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic’

On Not Reading the Bible Too Seriously — As Its Authors Intended

Bots on Wikipedia Wage Edit Wars Between Themselves That Last For Years

BlackBerry tries again