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Sunday 3/12

Sunday 3/12

ShatChat, The opposite of an ode to Facebook ‘Messenger Day’

Google and Levi’s connected smart jacket will come out this fall and costs around $350

History in the Bible: 1.52 Isaiah and Micah, Prophets of the Assyrian Crisis

Starting… The Triumph of Christianity: How the Jesus Movement Became the World’s Largest Religion (2011), by Rodney Stark

Saturday 3/11

The Bible Geek Podcast 17-008

Alphabet’s Waymo asks judge to block Uber from using self-driving car secrets. “If Waymo prevails after a long suit and a sequence of appeals, the nature of the compensation and fines could be staggering,” Raj Rajkumar, professor of engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, told The Verge. “If Waymo can show that Uber knew that Otto [would] have Waymo’s LIDAR designs, I don’t see how Uber can attract additional large institutional investors.”

Twitch is getting its own desktop app

Friday 3/10

Finished Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years (2011) by Diarmaid MacCulloch

Google goes after Slack and splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet. The new Hangouts Chat then is all about team messaging. That means the application, which will be available on Android, iOS and the web, will offer rooms (yep — just like Slack). It’ll also offer threaded conversations, something that’s a bit of a holy grail inside chat apps and that Slack hasn’t quite perfected yet, either. Those threaded conversations, Google’s director of product management for Drive Scott Johnston told me, are the reason why launching this new Hangouts chat experience took so long. “We learned a lot from threading Gmail,” he told me. “But it’s also a constant tuning because everyone is just so trained in iMessage and the flat ones. That makes sense in lightweight chat, but when you need to be able to drill in, it breaks down.”

Meet the new Hangouts. “More than half of the workforce will contribute remotely by 2020, so businesses require purpose-built tools to help employees succeed.” … Dedicated, virtual rooms create a lasting home for each project, with threaded conversations so your team’s progress is easy to follow. Chat’s deep integration with G Suite means shared content from Drive and Docs, or photos and videos can be viewed directly in conversations. And powerful, filterable search in Chat makes it easy to find all your content dating back to the start of the project.

Google’s reCAPTCHA turns “invisible,” will separate bots from people without challenges

Thursday 3/9

Data stored on a single atom for the first time. Researchers at IBM successfully coded an individual atom with a binary value of 0 or 1 in what is a major step forward for information storage. Experts in the field have described the research as a “landmark achievement” and said it could be used to increase hard-drive storage density by 1,000 times.

Facebook Messenger Day launches as a Snapchat Stories clone for making plans. This is a new take on calendaring. The app helps people plan with their friends. What we are seeing more and more is the internet being the focus of the future of communities. This is where Messenger Day’s unique slant on Stories for messaging comes in. The searchable, categorized filters include calls to action like “Who’s up for grabbing coffee?”, “Road trip”, “Movie night?”, “Let’s grab drinks”, “Let’s go for a run”, and tons more. These make it easy and fun to invite friends to hang out with you offline. And unlike posting “who wants to grab dinner?” on Facebook where a lack of responses could make you look unpopular, the posts disappear and all replies in Messenger Day are private so you don’t have to worry about seeming lonely.”

Wednesday 3/8

MIT programs a robot to self-correct when a human detects a mistake. It seems that the human brains WTF? signal is one of the easiest to detect. So when a human is watching a robot, and the robot makes a mistake, the human brains WTF? signal is easily detected, allowing a correction to be sent to the robot. Humans are truly robot overlords!

If The Young Pope season 1 is like “The Gospel of Mark” (original ending Chapter 16 verse 8) where there is no resurrection, and the women run away afraid, and tell no one. Season 2 could be like “The Acts of The Apostles” with Lenny dead (even if there is a death scene in Season 2 Episode 1) and the rest of the series is the story of the folks that Lenny influenced… perhaps even introducing a new, Paul like character.

Twitch replaced its homepage with a Twitter clone for gamers. Amazon is launching a Twitter competitor. Recall that Twitter’s initial growth came largely from the San Francisco tech community discussing itself. Twitch is expanding beyond video games, which means that Pulse will expand beyond video games, too. Throw Amazon’s money - and patience - behind it, and just about anything could happen.

Swiss Army Man (2016) - perhaps the strangest movie I have ever seen.

Tuesday 3/7

The History of Ancient Greece Podcast - 035 The Ionian Revolt

The Bible Geek Podcast 17-007

The Young Pod, episode 10

Monday 3/6

Fitbit adds heart rate monitoring to its Alta line and improves sleep tracking

The Vulgate - Jerome’s idea?. …according to Rufinus, Jerome is acting entirely on his own initiative with no commission from Rome, while propagating the results by effectively “spamming” the churches and monasteries, cities and walled towns with unsolicited copies of his work.