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Hands on with Apple’s first public beta of macOS 10.15 Catalina

Hackers are stealing years of call records from hacked cell networks

Chapter 38 Religion, Magic, and Hermetic Traditions before and after the Reformation, A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 3: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms, by Mircea Eliade

Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road

The Meaning of Life \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Short Dhamma Talk

Food, Shelter, & Work \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Dhamma Talk

Episode 2.41 Jesus’ Disciples II: The Other Guys // Garry Stevens // History in the Bible After the Big Three disciples come the forgettable bit-players, the Nondescript Nine: Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew (also known as Nathaniel), Matthew, Thomas Didymus, James son of Alphaeus, Judas (also known as Thaddaeus), Simon the Cananaean, and Judas Iscariot.

Episode 161 — Rise & Fall // Making Sense with Sam Harris In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Jared Diamond about the rise and fall of civilizations. They discuss political polarization, disparities in civilizational progress, the prospect that there may be biological differences between populations, the precariousness of democracy in the US, the lack of a strong political center, immigration policy, and other topics.

Special Guest Episode on Translating Thucydides’ Speeches w/Johanna Hanink // Ryan Stitt // The History of Ancient Greece In this special guest episode, Dr Johanna Hanink and I discuss her most recent book, How to Think about War: An Ancient Guide to Foreign Policy what it was like to translate Thucydides, and the deeper meaning behind many of his speeches

Pax Britannica episode 021 - Rise of the Favourites // Samuel Hume A delve into the careers of two of the king’s fond advisers/possible lovers: the Earl of Somerset, Robert Carr/Kerr, and the Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers. One rose to a great height, acquired riches and power, and came crashing down to earth like Icarus. The other would climb higher, attain more influence and wealth, and survive his king. These two men became manifestations, and major causes, of the Stuart Court’s growing unpopularity.

Catskin // Parcast Network // Tales - Despised by her father after her mother died in childbirth, Eloise schemes to run away from home. In this rare English fairytale, freedom comes at a high price, and winning the love of a prince is nothing compared to winning the love of one’s own father.

Think not lightly of good, saying, “It will not come to me.” Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise one, gathering it little by little, fills oneself with good. – Dhammapada 9.122

Episode 319 – The Battle of Maldon // Jamie Jeffers // The British History Podcast

Cú Chulainn Pt. 1: Overwhelming Rage // Parcast Network // Mythology - In the ancient Irish kingdom of Uliad, the God Lu and a beautiful woman had a child named Setante. He is gifted beyond all measure, but he’s also cursed with a fiery temper that transforms him into a monster who cannot discern friend from foe.

⭐Chapter 37 Religious Movements in Europe: From the Late Middle Ages to the Eve of the Reformation, A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 3: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms, by Mircea Eliade

A Good Shepherd \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Short Dhamma Talk

Dr Hook - “When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman”

Inner Leadership \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Dhamma Talk

Not Self // Gil Fronsdal // Audio Dharma

True Grit (2010) directed by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Bishop Robert Barron: Catholicism and the Modern Age // The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

36 Judaism from the Bar Kokhba Revolt to Hasidism, A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 3: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms, by Mircea Eliade

Building Resistance to Disease \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Short Dhamma Talk

Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension

Discernment \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Dhamma Talk

Episode 12 Rules For Life Lecture / Kitchener, Ontario // The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

35 Muslim Theologies and Mystical Traditions, A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 3: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms, by Mircea Eliade

Just as a mountain of rock, is unwavering, well-settled, so the monk whose delusion is ended, like a mountain, is undisturbed. – Udāna 3.24

The Noble Eightfold Path, The Way to the End of Suffering, by Bhikkhu Bodhi (1999)

A look at the blossoming machine-learning community in Africa, where IBM and Google are trying to use AI to tackle challenges like hunger, poverty, and disease

Respect for the Practice \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Short Dhamma Talk

Brian Culbertson - After Hours

Your Higher Power \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Dhamma Talk

Shaping the Mind // Andrea Fella // Audio Dharma

Episode 175: Becoming a Rabbi on the Web - Sandy Zisser, Patrick Beaulier // Judaism Unbound - Sandy Zisser and Patrick Beaulier, of the Pluralistic Rabbinical Seminary, join Dan and Lex for a conversation about digital rabbinic ordination.

46. Sixtus III // Pontifacts - The first papal name to get a second, also is the first to get a third! In his episode, we discuss potential Pelagian patronage, the ongoing conflict between Cyril of Alexandria and John of Antioch, and…. SOMETHING.

Chapter 34 Western Catholicism from Charlemagne to Joachim of Fiore, A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 3: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms, by Mircea Eliade

Make an island of yourself, make yourself your refuge; there is no other refuge. Make Dhamma your island, make Dhamma your refuge; there is no other refuge. – Dīgha Nikāya 2.165

Slack closes at $38.62 up 48.5% from it’s $26 reference price on it’s first day of trading. Company valued at $20 billion

U.S. psychoanalysts apologize for labeling homosexuality an illness

Shout - Tears for Fears

Resisting Temptation \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Short Dhamma Talk

There’s Work to Be Done \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Dhamma Talk

Why Bother with the Seventeenth Century? An Interview with Professor Keith Pluymers // Tides of History - Friend of the show Keith Pluymers returned to for a great chat about fuel, environmental history, and why the seventeenth century is worth studying.

Artistic Revolution (Episode 112) // Dominic Perry // The History of Egypt Podcast - Around the time of his Sed-Festival, Amunhotep IV introduced a whole new form of artistic representation. Royal imagery was reworked from the ground up, including new proportions, displays and themes. In this episode, we explore the changes to relief and sculpture, and meet the artisans who put pharaoh’s vision into practice…

Chapter 33 Muhammad and the Unfolding of Islam, A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 3: From Muhammad to the Age of Reforms, by Mircea Eliade

Fame - David Bowie

To Create a Practice Environment \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Dhamma Talk

Time Not Wasted \ Thanissaro Bhikkhu \ Short Dhamma Talk

Ethics and Refraining from Taking What is not Given // Andrea Fella // Audio Dharma