10/10 Tuesday

10/10 Tuesday

WAR - Slippin’ into darkness

🎙 The Waking Up Podcast #100 — Facing the Crowd - In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Nicholas Christakis about mob behavior, moral panics, and current threats to free speech.

🎙 The History of Egypt Podcast - Mini Episode: Onion Festivities

📺 War of the Worlds - EP 3 (Part 1) - The Moors of Andalusia, recommended by Nitin Sil. Looks like the first 2 episodes can be found at Flash Point History

English Monarchs - Siward Earl of Northumbria, recommended by Peter Graham

📖 Hannibal by Jacob Abbott, recommended by Nick Barksdale

Twitter Plans To Release A Bookmarking Tool

Peering Inside Google’s $19 Billion Black Box

Why you should stop using Facebook’s Messenger app and switch to Lite