10/11 Wednesday

10/11 Wednesday

If it’s Wednesday, it’s time for Understanding Christianity. Material that allows you to learn about the history of Christianity the way historians do, online, from the comfort & privacy of your computer or mobile device. This week we feature Professor Dale Martin of Yale University, Lecture 9, The Gospel of Luke. If you want to simply enjoy the content, that’s great, but we welcome anyone that also wants to participate in the online discussion to join us.

Because I live in a cave, I only learned yesterday that Tom Petty died on October 2. I was never a big Petty fan, but Don’t do me like that is a good “Rock & Roll” song that does come to mind when I think of Tom.

12 Byzantine Rulers Entire Lecture Series by Lars Brownworth

Found a series of multi-lingual lectures on The Middle Ages, by Carlo Rolle

Edith of Essex, recommended by Peter Graham

Fear Setting - a story of “Waking Up”, recommended by Vassilis Karamaounas

A Beginner’s Reading List: Medieval Europe, recommended by Bob Ellis

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6 ways social media has become a direct threat to democracy

Judge Orders Limitations on Sweeping DreamHost Warrant Seeking Info on Anti-Trump Site

Zuckerberg apologizes for his tone-deaf VR cartoon tour of Puerto Rico devastation

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