3/11 Sunday

3/11 Sunday

🔊 Proactive mindfulness. Dharma talk by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff)

🔊 The History of Witchcraft: 025 - Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot

🔊 HoP 297 - The Prague Spring - Scholasticism Across Europe

🔊 241 The Illness of King Henry – The History of England

🔊 History in the Bible: Bonus 18: Yochi Brandes’ novel ‘The Orchard’- Judaism and Christianity after the fall of the Temple

Five Drinkable Remedies for Each of the Five Hindrances

Twitter Is Trying To Kill “Tweetdecking.” Here’s What You Should Know.

Twitter Just Suspended A Ton Of Accounts Known For Stealing Tweets

Feds Bust CEO Allegedly Selling Custom BlackBerry Phones to Sinaloa Drug Cartel

Americans say AI poses greater job threat than immigration

Most major outlets have used Russian tweets as sources for partisan opinion

Inside Facebook’s Bet On An Augmented Reality Future

Essential really wants to solve the screen notch problem