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The Ten Perfections, with Gil Fronsdal

Pāramī is a Buddhist term often translated as “perfection”. It is described in Buddhist commentaries as noble character qualities generally associated with enlightened beings.

Below are a collection of ten meditations and talks, given over a two week period at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA, by Gil Fronsdal, from 8/3 through 8/14 2020 on each of the ten pāramī.

When Gil does the events live he first does the meditation, and then afterwards does the talk. It took me a while to get used to that order, because when I listen to dharma talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (which I started listening to before I started listening to Gil) he does the dharma talks and instructs his monks to listen as he talks, and then continue to meditate for the rest of the hour when the talk is done.

I now use both ways. When I listen to talks by Gil, I use Gil’s process, and when I listen to Thanissaro Bhikkhu, I use his process.

Remember, meditation is a skill that you practice, like playing tennis, or drumming. Don’t overlook the guided meditations. It doesn’t matter as much what you “know” about Buddhism, it’s how well the talks help your meditation, and how your meditation helps you manifest things like these “ten perfections” in your life, and relationships with others. Think of seeing these “ten perfections” manifest more and more in your life as evidence that your meditation is working.

The Ten Perfections

Each of these link to a audio player page, but on that page you’ll also see a button for “video” which allows you to watch the meditation or talk via YouTube.

  1. Generosity: meditation, talk

  2. Virtuous Behavior: meditation, talk

  3. Renunciation: meditation, talk

  4. Wisdom: meditation, talk

  5. Effort: meditation, talk

  6. Patience: meditation, talk

  7. Truth: meditation, talk

  8. Determination: meditation, talk

  9. Goodwill: meditation, talk

  10. Equanimity: meditation, talk

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