RichGriese.NET · October 10th, the week in review

October 10th, the week in review

Watching Monday Night Football, I noticed a new (new to me) emphasis on animated video game type characters, that dance about, when they talk about players and coaches where they show statistics. I guess they are trying to cater to young people who grew up playing video games, but to me, it smacks of childishness. Of course maybe I’m just turning into an old man, and have moved into that phase where everything young people do seems stupid to me. For example, it also makes me shake my head when players all run to the corner of an end zone and act like spasmodic toddlers usually into a video camera where they get to watch themselves acting like spasmodic toddlers. It’s the extended form of the spasmodic dance virtually every player now seems to do after each play. Who’d have thought dancing would annoy me so much. Then, we cut to commercial where everybody selling you something is also dancing like a spasmodic toddler, then we cut to the new iPhone 13 commercial which emphasizes that with this new iPhone you can video yourself and your friends dancing and acting like spasmodic toddlers. The USA has turned into one giant / continuous vaudeville act. It’s not the dancing that bothers me, it’s the dancing for the camera that bothers me.

How many movies can Liam Neeson make where he effectively plays the same character over and over? I guess enough to make him worth $145 million and counting.

Since Covid, now even old people have begun to use and understand online communities, since they have ran their communities on Zoom for over a year. Granted, they haven’t started to understand and address the problem of helping the folks that show up to the Zoom sessions, find and keep in touch with each other outside the Zoom times, but at least when they are doing is a start. As Covid eases, every person has the opportunity, if not the obligation, to rethink how they participate in every community they participate in both virtually and in the physical world. How are you going to continue your community participation in a manor that makes the world a better place?

I’m starting to think that I am the Amazon Fresh whisperer. It’s like their analytics program taps right into what I order, and then suggests it to everyone else, so that when I try to order it again, it’s out of stock. Whether it’s whole milk, frozen potstickers, cherry pie, red leaf lettuce, vanilla yogurt, I am pretty much the influencer of what the world buys from Amazon Fresh. I’m going to consider calling some fly by night food companies, and recommend to them that they pay me to order their products on Amazon Fresh. Once I order their product just once, Amazon Fresh will be certain to sell out instantly, and their stock will spike. I’m open to being contacted by companies that sell food other than sardines, tripe, liver, Vegemite (or Marmite), and maybe one or two other disgusting things. You can find my email icon at the bottom right of virtually any of my pages.

I have only two words for you; Billy Bob Thornton. Have you ever seen Billy Bob Thornton suck in anything? If three episodes into a series you heard Billy Bob Thornton say to a priest; “Please don’t make me fuck the Bishop’s girlfriend” would you say that that is a line that would get your attention? So as I said, why aren’t you watching Goliath (2016). I mean, right now? What are you still reading this for, and not watching that series?

We are almost one third of the way into October. Let the Halloween scary movie marathon begin!

I still miss Norm Macdonald.

Enjoy life… eat out more often!

Rich Griese

The week’s movies / series

The Sleeper (2000) Directed by Stuart Orme

The Secret Agent (1992) Directors David Drury

Stone, Scissors, Paper (1997) Directed by Stephen Whittaker

Goliath (2016)

Humans (2015-2018) 3 seasons

Honest Thief (2020) Directed by Mark Williams

Maxwell (2007) Directed by Colin Barr

Century (1993) Directed by Stephen Poliakoff

Murder in Mind (1994) Directed by Robert Bierman

The Disappointments Room (2016) Directed by D.J. Caruso

The Manor (2021) Directed by Axelle Carolyn

The week’s podcasts

The British History Podcast 381 – Weekend at William’s

The History of England 327 Under New Management

The History of Byzantium Episode 228 – Forgiveness not Permission

Age Of Victoria Podcast Ep041 Roots Of Blood

Making Sense with Sam Harris #262 — The Future of American Democracy. Sam talks with Andrew Yang. If you have any doubt that the USA is a two party system, understand this as evidence for such. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, and I personally think Andrew Yang starting a new party is a total none event. Think of it this way… if the USA is basically split 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats… any new party that forms that draws people away from party X will guarantee that party Y gains dominance.

The Incarcerated Christian - Robin’s Story. Robin Mitchell Stroud’s story of a Southern Baptist growing up is kind of amazing. Also worth listening to is The Dark Side to Christianity episode.

The Bible Geek Podcast 21-017

The History of Byzantium Episode 229 - John Komnenos with Dr Maximilian Lau

The week’s web reads

Getting beyond small talk: Study finds people enjoy deep conversations with strangers

Pandemic Shipping Delays: Why Deliveries Are So Slow

Meet the Extropians… they’ve even got a wikipedia page

Amazon is reportedly working on a smart fridge that tracks what’s inside

Mark Cuban-backed live entertainment app Fireside launches to creators

The Skill of Organization Design, By Cedric Chin

Facebook Political Problems, by Ben Thompson. Ben points out that “the printing press transformed Europe from a continent of city-states loosely tied together by the Catholic Church, to a continent of nation-states with their own state churches.” I think that another shift is taking place, or has already taken place to a meaningful extent. The internet itself has become “the church” (remember the Greek word for church [ecclesia] itself meant “community” long before it was co-opted by the church), the internet is now the world’s community, and the engineers that build and maintain it are the new priesthood.

Facebook banned me for life because I created the tool Unfollow Everything.. Just in case anyone needs a reminder that Facebook is the devil.

“This is boarding” - Flames forward Blake Coleman, is suspended for one preseason and one regular-season game for boarding Jets forward Jansen Harkins.

Chrome’s RSS follow button is now available to all Android users. This is fantastic news. The future of open communities is folks setting up their own web sites and then readers choosing to follow the folks they want with RSS. RSS is an open protocol, unlike your FB feed which is both not open, and locks you into FB. Remember… Facebook is the devil.

Happiness in Early Adulthood May Protect Against Dementia

How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users