RichGriese.NET · 1/14 Friday post - from my morning reads

1/14 Friday post - from my morning reads

LuLaRich (2021) 4 episodes - OMG! Multi-level marketing + social media… what could possibly go wrong? 😃

Modern Love (2019) 2 seasons

Montreal’s Chris Wideman has been suspended for one game for Head-butting Boston’s Erik Haula

There is no more worldly existence for the wise one who, like the earth, resents nothing, who is firm as a high pillar and as pure as a deep pool free from mud. – Dhammapada 7.95

Gil Fronsdal - Dharmette: Satipatthana (8) Calming the Bodily Formations

Open Source has a Sustainability Crisis - Hendrik Erz

Today’s sutta: Sn 4:15 The Rod Embraced

The Bible Geek Podcast 22-001

Rant… RE Amazon prepared meals & more

Why can’t Amazon keep Amazon Kitchen meals in stock? For that matter… why can’t they keep any of the foods, pies, ice cream, whole milk, etc… in stock? If it was just the prepared meals I’d guess Amazon is making so many meals that they don’t have enough kitchen facilities to make them in. But, whole milk? I mean, supermarkets have figured out how to stock whole milk years ago, but Bezos, guy who can send a rocket to space, can’t figure out how to keep whole milk stocked?

Enjoy life… eat out more often!

Rich Griese