Art History

I’m working my way through the book; The History of Art : A survey of the Major Visual Arts from the Dawn of History to the Present Day, by H. W. Janson. Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Fourteenth Printing July 1969. I’ve made a note of all the artists Janson mentions. Now I’m creating a page of the artist names I made in a notebook. The 1969 book was made at a time when most book images were black & white, with a few showing “color plates”. Those days are gone. So… my thought was first I would make a list of the artists, and link to their Wikipedia pages. Then… I’ll go back and link to their works in all their glorious color. In all, I’ve got 126 artists for the Renaissance period, and 132 artists for the modern period. I think that should be a good introduction to art since the time of the Renaissance for anyone to get started with.

I’ve skipped the first two sections on Art of the Ancient World, and Art of the Middle Ages.

Prior to the Renaissance, you may want to keep in mind that the preceeding two periods are called The Romanesque art / archetecture & Gothic art / archetecture.

Part 3 - The Renaissance (14th through 17th Century)

1. Late Gothic Painting, Sculpture, and the Graphic Arts

2. Early Renaissance in Italy

3. The High Renaissance in Italy

5. The Renaissance in the North

6. The Baroque in Italy & Germany

7. The Baroque in Flanders, holland, and Spain

8. The Baroque in France & England

Next up… I want to think up a method of creating lists of artworks for each artist, and link to the actual artworks of each of the artists, and then/also create a method of quickly moving from artwork to artwork, both within a sinle artist, and with multiple artists.

Then… onto… Part 4. The Modern World.