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Cajon joy / drumming magic

Above is an 8 song practice set playlist which keeps your daily practice session to about 30 minutes. My favorite songs tend to be those you can tap your toes to, but there is nothing magical about my list. I’m almost 60 years old, so if you’re a younger person, my “old man music” may not appeal to you. If you prefer to choose your own songs to practice to go right ahead. Anything that inspires you to play more is worth trying.

What is a cajon?

Yeah… it’s basically a box you sit on and hit like a drum.

Why play a cajon?

Music is a powerful tool. Music is composed of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Rhythm is the part of music, as a drummer, that has always appealed to me. I believe rhythm is the “heart beat” of not just music, but life, and has great power. It’s also accessable to everyone at any time.

Everyone has experienced the joy of clapping along to a song. When you’re doing that, you’re drumming. Let me be clear… you’re already a drummer. Since you’re already a drummer, I hope to convince you to explore the power of drumming further, and use it’s power to make your life happier.

Add joy to your life

The goal of my approach is not to become the greatest drummer in the world. The goal is to learn to enjoy music to the point that you feel connected to the music. To have the feeling of “dancing with your hands”, an experience that gives you a feeling of inner joy.

Cajons are affordable

When I got mine (here’s the Amazon link) it cost about $40 and came with a case that let’s me carry it like a backpack, which is useful if your gonna be taking it out of the house for lessons or performances.

If the idea playing a cajon along to music appeals to you, consider getting yourself an inexpensive cajon to help discover the joy of music. When buying your cajon, make sure you pay attention to it’s height & get one about 20” tall. Some are “mini” / “hand” cajons, and are meant to be played in the lap, certainly not sat on. You don’t want to order one you think you’re going to sit on only to have it delivered and find you bought one that fits in your hand.

Even if you don’t end up catching the drumming fever… you’ll have an awesome inexpensive coffee table, and a great conversation piece for your house. What have you got to lose?