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Cajon joy / drumming magic

What is a cajon?

Yeah… it’s basically a box you sit on and hit like a drum.

I practice daily using an 8 song cajon joy / drumming magic playlist to which I add a new song daily, and let the oldest song drop off the bottom. This let’s me continually work with new songs, but let’s me work with each of those songs for a few days. If find it an optimal combination of repetition with freshness.

Why play a cajon?

Music is a powerful tool. Music is composed of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Rhythm is the part of music, as a drummer, that has always appealed to me. I believe rhythm is the “heart beat” of not just music, but life, and has great power. It’s also accessable to everyone at any time.

Everyone has experienced the joy of clapping along to a song. When you’re doing that, you’re drumming. Let me be clear… you’re already a drummer. Since you’re already a drummer, I hope to convince you to explore the power of drumming further, and use it’s power to make your life happier.

Cajons are affordable

When I got mine (here’s the Amazon link) it cost about $40 and came with a case that let’s me carry it like a backpack, which is useful if you’re gonna be taking it out of the house for lessons or performances. It was on sale at the time, but I think I hit on a popular one because today they are selling for almost $60, but it’s still a model I can recommend at that price. a/o 4/19/2019 WOW… noticed today this cajon went up in price again to $68.12… I feel like a got a stock like Google or Facebook when it was cheap. How high can these cajon’s go? ☺

Add joy to your life

My approach to drumming is a meditative, and even “spiritual” approach. The repetitive practice of counting; 1, 2, 3, 4 or 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &, or even 1 da & da 2 da & da 3 da & da 4 da & da form a meditative background to push out the stress & worries of daily life, and provide a framework for further exercises with the hands. R & L hand patterns, RRLL patterns, RLRR LRLL patterns, a virtual infinite variety of hand patterns & rests, with varying dynamic levels, and speeds all combine to help lead you into the magical world of rhythm. Counting, hand patterns, and the music you play along with are all combined into a total experience. All this helps you eventually achieve what in modern psychology is called a flow state, and what ancient Greeks referred to as an ecstatic state.

The goal of this approach is to learn to enjoy music to the point that you feel connected to the music, to have the feeling of “dancing with your hands”, and over time, your entire body, an experience that will give you a feeling of inner joy.

I personally use a combination of cajon drumming, meditative walking (optimally in nature), and listening to dharma talks to keep me focused on maintaining a peaceful mind.