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Free drum lessons

I drum outdoors occasionally in Nutley. You’ll find me in Yanticaw Park, near the Frank A. Cocchiola Playground, off the Centre Street entrance, in the afternoons, usually about 3pm, on days when the weather gods say it’s going to be over 50º, and sunny.

Come find me and introduce yourself. I can arrange to get you a cajon / box drum to use for 2 months, if you are interested in learning how to drum. If you’re under 18 we’re gonna talk with a parent first.

During that two months I’ll show you some of the basics of drumming. You’ll practice what you learn at home, and each day when you’re done practicing you’ll text me “just finished practicing” or some such thing.

This text reporting mechanism allows us to be in touch daily, helps encourage you to keep up with your practice, and not slack off. You’re going to need a smart phone, not just a flip-phone that can text, but a smart mobile phone that has a browser like Google’s Chrome, or Apple’s Safari.

At the end of 2 months, we’ll talk about what you want to do next. Maybe you’ll just want to return the box drum and be done with music, or maybe you’ll want to purchase your own box drum. We’ll talk about the various options when that time arrives.

Sound interesting? Want to learn to play? It’s completely free of charge.

Once we’ve talked, use this form so I can make contact with you via text.