Cajon Madness

What is a cajon?

Yeah… a cajon is basically a box you sit on and hit like a drum.

Why am I talking about cajons?

I believe a cajon can help make your life happier.

Music is a powerful tool, and can help a great deal in our quest for happiness. Music is made up of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Rhythm is the part of music, as a drummer, that has always appealed to me. I believe rhythm is the “heart beat” of not just music, but life, and has great meditative power. It’s also accessable to everyone at any time. Everyone has experienced the joy of clapping along to a song. When you’re doing that, you’re drumming. I hope to convince you that since you’re already a drummer, you can explore the power of drumming further, and use this power to make your life happier.

If this idea apeals to you, consider getting yourself an inexpensive cajon (see a bunch on Amazon) to help discover the joy of music. When buying your cajon, make sure you pay attention to it’s height & get one about 20” tall. Some are “mini” / “hand” cajons, and are meant to be played in the lap, certainly not sat on. You don’t have to pay big bucks, I got mine for $40 and it came with a case that let’s me carry it like a backpack, which is useful if your gonna be carrying it outside your house. The cajon I have is the Sawtooth ST-CJ120B Cajon Birch Wood with Padded Seat Cushion and Carry Bag (on Amazon).

Now that spring has sprung… if you want to see a cajon in the wild, I’m in the park (between Chestnut St. & Vreeland Ave.) with mine sometime. Feel free to contact me if you want to meet up some time and talk about the power of rhythm & music.

•     •     •

Go to the “Cajon Madness” practice YouTube playlist.