The New Testament

Part of our understanding Christianity effort.

Professor Dale Martin of Yale University, Introduction To The New Testament History And Literature. You didn’t get to go to Yale? Me neither. But now we can sit in on a course at one of the best universities in the country. Also available on YouTube.

Lecture 1 Introduction: Why Study the New Testament?

Lecture 2 From Stories to Canon

Lecture 3 The Greco-Roman World

Lecture 4 Judaism in the First Century

Lecture 5 The New Testament as History

Lecture 6 The Gospel of Mark

Lecture 7 The Gospel of Matthew

Lecture 8 The Gospel of Thomas

Lecture 9 The Gospel of Luke

Lecture 10 The Acts of the Apostles

Lecture 11 Johannine Christianity: the Gospel

Lecture 12 Johannine Christianity: the Letters

Lecture 13 The Historical Jesus

Lecture 14 Paul as Missionary

Lecture 15 Paul as Pastor

Lecture 16 Paul as Jewish Theologian

Lecture 17 Paul’s Disciples

Lecture 18 Arguing with Paul?

Lecture 19 The “Household” Paul: the Pastorals

Lecture 20 The “Anti-household” Paul: Thecla

Lecture 21 Interpreting Scripture: Hebrews

Lecture 22 Interpreting Scripture: Medieval Interpretations

Lecture 23 Apocalyptic and Resistance

Lecture 24 Apocalyptic and Accommodation

Lecture 25 Ecclesiastical Institutions: Unity, Martyrs, and Bishops

Lecture 26 The “Afterlife” of the New Testament and Postmodern Interpretation

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