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Discord info

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform.

You can join my server at any time with this invite link:

Once you arrive on the server, you’ll join “The Lounge” channel.

The Lounge is set up to play music 24/7, unless there is some other type of broadcast show happening at that moment. That means, when you show up you’ll usually hear music. Ok great, now your on the server.

To talk with me you’ll look around for a “talk with Rich” channel, and click on that. If I’m around I’ll come join you. You wanna give me a few moments to do that cause I’m old and don’t move that fast.

Now that your on the server you can return any time. You can even download an app that will run Discord whenever your online, like the old Skype. And then just try a call whenever you want, no need to arrange via Twitter or email.

Also, I’m not around all time, I mean people gotta sleep and have lives, right? So, if I’m not around at a particular time, try again another time. You can usually expect to find me from dinner time till bed time. That’s USA east coast time.

Good luck, and I look forward to talking with you.