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Meditation is training / exercise for the mind. Theravada Buddhist meditation’s ultimate goal is to help you retrain how your mind thinks so that you can become free of suffering. To train yourself to change the type of thoughts you have, and be able to reduce and eventually stop having thoughts that cause you to suffer. As you become more and more free of the suffering, caused by your mind, you will find yourself becoming more and more happy, joyful, peaceful, and kind… both to yourself, and to those around you.

  • Thanissaro Bhikkhu - 20+ years of dhamma talks
  • Gil Fronsdal - 20+ years of dhamma talks
    • (or via Google Podcasts - the Google Podcast includes a handful of other speakers as well as Gil. Plus on the URL above I filter Gil’s talks to filter out the guided meditations, and show only the talks. I’m not able to do this on the Google Podcast link.)
  • The Starbucks Sangha gives you a daily mix of talks from both these teachers.

  • I also post a dhamma talk followed by a ten minute silent meditation, with a timer each day on my Twitter feed.

  • And, here is an online meditation manual that if feel the need for specific instructions, outside the dhamma talks.

  • Finally, this random sutta link allows you to begin to explore the suttas (texts). I recommend eventually reading one a day, but only after you have gotten into the regular habit of listening to dhamma talks. To many intellectuals jump right to trying to consume the texts like they consume a physics book. The dhamma is not like learning physics, but more like learning to dance or play the drums. You can only make small improvements each day. Too much information at once is not only not helpful, but will confuse your mind.