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Music / Drumming

Music is a powerful tool. Music is composed of rhythm, melody, and harmony. As a drummer, rhythm is the part of music that has always appealed to me. I believe rhythm is the “heart beat” of not just music, but of life, and has great power. It’s also accessible to everyone at any time.

Everyone has experienced the joy of clapping along to a song. When you’re doing that, you’re drumming. Since you’re already a drummer, why not explore the power of drumming further, and use it’s power to make your life happier?

I also post a song of the day on my Twitter feed.

As you listen to music, over time maybe you’ll evolve from listing only to listening and clapping, and one day further evolve to listening and doing a little more formal drumming with your hands, and eventually find and use the beauty of rhythm to make your life happier.