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Tiny Talk, another cool idea that yet again, you can only use on a mobile device. Why are these engineers oppressing me and my MacBook Air!


Rewiring how we work: building a new employee experience for a digital-first world - Slack

  • This data shows that most knowledge workers are happier working remotely than they were in the office. They don’t want to go back to the old way of working. Only 11.6% say they want to return to full-time office work, while 72.2% want a hybrid remote-office model.
  • The data also carries a warning. The one element where most knowledge workers are less satisfied is their sense of belonging (–5.0). Organizations should invest in fostering connection between employees, as these bonds are vital to the long-term health of teams.
  • “knowledge workers”? Is the world moving from white collar / blue collar to knowledge worker & non-college workers?

Google RCS global, Messages testing end-to-end encryption - 9to5Google

  • Google is using the Signal protocol
  • only available on mobile, not desktop


Twitter rolls out Stories, aka ‘Fleets,’ to all users; will also test a Clubhouse rival

  • This is starting to really piss me off.
  • Twitter fleets & clubhouse (live audio spaces), but only for mobile
  • Desktop! I want shit to work on my mac!
  • “After updating the app you will be able to see Fleet option at the top of the Twitter home screen. Notably, Fleets is available for mobile app users only and not desktop version.” source